The Emotion Physiology and Experience Collaboration (EPiC) is an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers who are working to develop the largest publicly available dataset on emotion physiology and experience.

With this dataset, we aspire to:

  1. Address century-old debates regarding emotion physiology (e.g., do emotions have universally distinct patterns of physiological activity?)

  2. Examine and reduce bias in emotion AI models by collecting data from culturally and situationally diverse contexts.

  3. Promote open and collaborative science in emotion AI.

Current Status: Funding request submitted

Thanks to support from Stanford University, we piloted: (1) procedures for highly-standardized international data collection, and (2) a shared task competition designed to see how well experts can model moment-to-moment ratings of emotion using measures of physiology.

Over early 2024, we submitted our first grant proposal to launch the fuller project.

Initiative Organizers

Nicholas Coles

Stanisław Saganowski

Maciej Behnke

Bartek Perz

Johannes Eichstaedt

James Gross